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Essential Oils

We offer *Organic Essential Oils indigenous to that plant. 

Diffuser Bracelet

Locally made diffuser bracelets and jewelry.

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The Natural Path would like to be your source of education. We offer health consultations where you can sit down one on one and have someone that can help you through the challenges that sometimes come with understanding vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The Natural Path offers supplements from professional lines and national consumer brands. Scheduling a consultation is easy, just give us a call and we can find a time that works best for you. If you are well versed in supplementation then feel free to browse our retail section, no appointment necessary. Like our page and keep up to date on topics of health chemical free cleaning, recipes, anything we can share to help you on your own journey down a natural path for your family and future! To keep natural health safe and legal please view our disclaimer below.


Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, but sometimes we need a little help along the way. We show you the simple things that can make a big impact on current and future health. The Natural Path would like to be your source of education. The Natural Path is a holistic health company. We started this company to help others achieve their natural health goals. We found that there was a gap in the realm of natural health when it came to retail and professional atmospheres. We created an environment that joined the two atmospheres together to provide you with a completely new approach to wellness.  

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